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A lot of my friends have been posting Back To The Future pictures, quotes, articles and more online since 2015 is the year “of the future” in Back To The Future Part 2.  I thought it would be a great time to post some of my work from my headshot/portrait sessions with Claudia Wells, the one and only Jennifer Parker!

Claudia and I worked her session in my studio space in Woodland Hills, CA.  Claudia did all her own makeup and styling, and she warned me that each outfit she had would bring out an entirely different person.  All I can say post session is that she was absolutely right! Watching her transform was amazing.


Welcome to my new photo blog!  I recently relocated from Washington DC, to Los Angeles, California.  I am opening a new studio space in my new house in LA, and am excited about new opportunities ahead!

If you’re from DC / NY / LA please feel free to drop me a line at, or you can check out my work on Facebook at   Thanks for coming by and I will be generating lots of great new content in the future!